Built to deliver a better
way to invest in middle
market credit

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Direct access to loans sourced by a leading middle market lender

We believe the best way to invest in middle market credit is as a lead
lender. Lead lenders see opportunities first and benefit from enhanced
diligence, greater control, and an active role in structuring

Only a select group of lenders have the relationships, capabilities, and
credibility to be a ‘first-call’ partner to leading private equity firms. We
have invested to build a platform that consistently delivers these
opportunities to our investors

Disciplined underwriting by a team of seasoned professionals

We are committed to protecting and growing our investors’ capital. Our
team has decades of investment experience and applies a rigorous
buy-side underwriting approach to every opportunity we consider.

Each investment undergoes a multi-step underwriting process that
begins with a thematic view of industry fundamentals and market
conditions. Opportunities are screened by senior credit officers and, if
pursued, analyzed by a team of professionals. Finally, our Investment
Committee thoroughly reviews each opportunity to identify the
investments that deliver the most compelling risk-adjusted returns.

We offer flexible investment solutions with deep transparency,
not one-size-fits all products

Market-leading unitranche partnership with
RCA Qatar

Royal Capital has partnered with RCA Qatar to create the
Senior Direct Lending Program, a joint venture that combines the
strength of both firms in unitranche lending.

for Investors

Products tailored to meet the needs of every
investor we serve

Middle market credit appeals to many investors, but Royal Capital
preferences. Accordingly, we offer a wide range of products to
accommodate different investors, as well as customized strategies
tailored to specific needs.

We have special expertise working with insurers and offer products
designed to optimize capital efficiency and meet other requirements of
these investors.

A manager grounded in transparency,
alignment, and service

Our commitment to service and transparency applies to every investor
we serve. We believe that all investors should have access to clear,
useful information about our strategies and their portfolio.

We were built on a core principle of alignment that ties our success to
the results we deliver to investors.
“Royal Capital was built with a long-term perspective of the direct lending market. We believe that to be successful, we must go beyond originating attractive investments. We must also provide investors with the transparency, service, and flexibility of an in-house investment team.”
Mohamed Al Ghanim

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